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Oil, Filter and Lube

For maintaining your car’s performance and preventing costly breakdown, timely oil, filter and lube service is necessary. At Trinity, we understand this fact and that is why during every oil and lube service, we offer a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Since we value your time, we are not only precise and competitive but we also get your car back on the road quickly and efficiently in full form.

We make sure that you can confidently recommend us to your friends and associates. And we’ll surely reward your trust with a Free Oil and Lube service. Contact us to know more.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is even more important than oil and lube service. It includes performing specific maintenance at specific mileage points in the life of your car. It is crucial to follow the scheduled maintenance guide of your car manufacturers. Our technicians hold the training to work on all makes and models.

Our existing customers will also get free engine diagnostics. Depending on our computerized engine evaluation we’ll only do what is recommended. Moreover, even a tune-up may not be required.

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Battery Health

Did this ever happen to you that your best-laid plans turned upside down because your car battery died all of a sudden?

At Trinity, we aim to minimize the chances of that ever happening to you. Considering extreme weather conditions, quality battery and service are important. That’s why along with scheduled maintenance of your vehicle we also offer free battery inspection.

So why wait? Visit our place today for a free inspection.

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