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Battery Health

Battery Repair & Replacement Service in Mississauga

We offer premium auto repair services in Mississauga, ON and surrounding areas at affordable rates. We can replace your car battery in your vehicle whenever you want, wherever you want. Your car battery is essential to starting your engine. It stores power produced by the alternator and runs the secondary electric systems that includes power seats, power windows, lights, radio, and extra electrical parts in your automobile. If you need any help, our professionals are always ready to help you. Contact us and learn more about us.

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Battery Health & Maintenance

How often have your best laid plans been turned upside down because your car battery died on you? At Trinity we try to minimize the likelihood of that ever happening to you.  Quality battery and service is important, especially taking into account  extreme weather conditions. That’s why coupled with scheduled  maintenance of your vehicle we offer free battery inspection.


Our Other Services

Regular scheduled maintenance means more  than oil and lube service. It involves carrying out specific maintenance  at specific mileage points in the life of your car.  It is important to  follow your car manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance guide. Our  technicians are trained on all makes and models. Because  we value your time, we are not only thorough and competitive but we also get you back on the road efficiently and fast with complete satisfaction.

For all your maintenance requirements, hire our professionals to let you understand the in and out of everything. We take the stress out of your auto repair experience by bringing the shop to you. You will choose when and where you want your service, so don’t put off any pressing maintenance services any longer. Now, if you ask, “what’s the importance of car maintenance?” First of all, it increases safety. If you follow the timely routine, our car maintenance services will increase your safety while you are on the road or driving somewhere else. It will reduce the parts from breaking and reduce other larger issues from arising. But if you constantly take care of your car and check the systems that might develop problems, you will take away the risk of dealing with a malfunctioning car. If you want to save your money and take care of your car on a regular basis, taking care of your car regularly is important. Contact us and learn more about our services today!


What We Offer

Bring your commercial vehicle to us and get superior services at affordable rates. We will put our professionally certified service pros to work if you face any problem anywhere anytime. You can choose us for oil, filter and lube maintenance, scheduled maintenance, battery health, and more. We understand that getting your car fixed or buying new tires can be overwhelming. Let us help you now!