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Oil, Filter & Lube Services In Mississauga

Motor oil and lube changes are very essential for keeping your engine functioning properly. Motor oil is beneficial for keeping your engine lubricated and running properly so that there is no excess friction or wear on moving parts. Oil cools down your engine, fights rust and corrosion, reduces engine noise, and works with the oil filter to remove contaminants from the engine. That’s why you must use oil to operate at optimum performance levels. If you need any help, our professionals are always ready to help you. Contact us and learn more about us.

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Experienced & Trained Professionals

If your car shows signs of trouble and if your vehicle is not working correctly, we can help you from the beginning till the end. If your car needs maintenance or oil replacement, choose our services. We offer affordable, high-quality repair and maintenance services for your Mississauga car. It is suggested that oil changes occur every 3,000 – 5,000 miles to stop engine wear and keep oil free from particles; for your car’s particular mileage always consult a professional or ask one of our technicians.


Scheduled Maintenance & Battery Health

Timely oil, filter and lube service is critical for maintaining your car’s performance and preventing costly breakdown.  At Trinity, we recognize this fact and do a thorough inspection of your vehicle during every oil and lube service. Because we value your time, we are not only thorough and competitive but we also get you back on the road efficiently and fast with complete satisfaction. Regularly scheduled maintenance means more than oil and lube service. It involves carrying out specific maintenance at specific mileage points in the life of your car.  It is important to follow your car manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance guide. Our technicians are trained in all makes and models.

At Trinity, we try to minimize the likelihood of that ever happening to you.  Quality battery and service are important, especially taking into account extreme weather conditions. That’s why coupled with scheduled maintenance of your vehicle we offer free battery inspection.


What We Offer

Bring your commercial vehicle to us and get superior services at affordable rates. We will put our professionally certified service pros to work if you face any problem anywhere anytime. You can choose us for oil, filter and lube maintenance, scheduled maintenance, battery health, and more. We understand that getting your car fixed or buying new tyres can be overwhelming. Let us help you now!