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Safety & Comfort

Complete Security and Convenience

If you think that your car is not functioning properly and that is affecting your driving experience, please let us help you out. There might be various reasons why your car may not be operating and performing well. Maybe the tires are not perfectly aligned, maybe you could not provide it with the necessary maintenance, or maybe the battery is not in great condition. No matter what could be endangering your safety and depriving you of comfort – we can find and fix that. Book an appointment with professionals like us without wasting any more time because leaving the undetected problem untreated for a long can make it even worse. Call us to book a consultation.

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Cover All Makes & Models

Our auto detailing experts in Mississauga are well trained and highly experienced. At Trinity Auto And Tire Centre, we can work on all models of cars – domestic or foreign, old and new. For your safety and that of your car, it is really important to follow the scheduled maintenance guide as provided by your car manufacturers. Our existing customers will get free engine diagnostics. Instead of manual checking, we do computerized engine evaluation which allows us to do only what is necessary. Get a quote today.


Battery, Tires, & Lubes On Check Always

Whether your car needs oil, filter and lube check, battery health check, or tire check – we are always here to meet all your automotive needs. In fact, we specialize in providing car safety and comfort solutions. If the components of your car are not perfectly or timely lubricated, this might badly impact the performance of your car and your driving experience. If the battery is not in a good condition, even your well-laid plans can turn upside down. The poor condition of the tire can affect the alignment of your car as well.

At Trinity, we can help you eliminate all the chances of risks and discomfort. We will offer free battery inspection with regular maintenance. If there is any problem with the alignment of your car, we can fix that by recommending a perfect tire replacement and doing all that is required. After all, the quality and maintenance of your tires will determine the safety of your vehicle and that of yours. Get in touch with us, to get your tires inspected for excessive wear, damage and general roadworthiness.


Comprehensive Automotive Solution

Routine car maintenance can help you keep your automobile in good condition for a long time. We have expert technicians who can ensure that your car is functioning at its peak. During routine maintenance, our technicians will thoroughly inspect every part of your car. They will give you advice on any repairs or replacements. Our routine car maintenance services include oil changes, battery health checks, and more. So, if you want to schedule car maintenance, please feel free to contact us.