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Fleet Service

Fleet Service Mississauga

Trinity Auto And Tire Centre is the place you need to visit for auto detailing in Mississauga. We are ASE certified and stay updated on a constant basis to provide you with the highest quality of service. Visit us for a complete line of maintenance and repair services, as well as quality auto parts. A modern repair facility, we work on all makes and models. Our team is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to handle all your car care needs.  We also master the art of collision repair and auto painting. We are a one-stop auto detailing solution and all our services are available at the most upfront pricing. If you have any queries regarding our services, please contact us.

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What We Offer

We understand that sometimes car repair can be stressful. That is why we strive to make our customers feel welcome, comfortable and frilly satisfied with our services.

  • Oil, Filter and Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Battery Health

Comprehensive Fleet Service

We are a full-service auto detailing company and our comprehensive range of services feature Oil, Filter and Lube, Scheduled Maintenance, auto detailing, battery health, etc. We understand that for maintaining your car’s performance and preventing costly breakdowns, timely oil, filter and lube service is necessary. That is why we offer a thorough inspection of your vehicle during every oil and lube service. We are not only precise and competitive but we also get your car back on the road quickly and efficiently in full form. This is because we value your time. Also, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance which, we think, is even more important than oil and lube service.

We also offer a complete battery solution. Our technicians master the art of car detailing and we use the best quality products and honed skills and techniques to get you a satisfactory solution. Contact us today to book a service.

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Our Dedication

We’re dedicated to delivering transparency, quality, and value. We are a team of certified and well-trained technicians. Our experts always work hard to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Get a quote today.


Quality Assurance

Each technician is ASE certified and we always stay updated on a constant basis. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality of service. Our aim is to offer each client a stress-free experience, and get the problem solved fast.


Upfront Pricing

We always use parts from reputable brands. What sets us apart from the rest is our professionalism. We’re dedicated to delivering transparency, quality, and value. We make sure that you get quality service at the most upfront pricing from us.


Tires & Alignment

Aren’t your car tires perfectly aligned? Is it affecting your safety and convenience? You need to consult professionals like us immediately. Along with thoroughly checking your tires we also recommend the right tire replacement and solution. We know that the quality and maintenance of your tires determine the safety of your vehicle and the comfort of your ride just as importantly they impact the condition of your engine. Also, the tires connect your vehicle to the road, having an impact on how your vehicle will respond to different conditions of speed, terrain, and weather. It also has a direct effect on your power to control your vehicle under all these conditions.

To get your tires inspected for excessive wear, damage and general roadworthiness, contact us today. Perfectly aligned and balanced wheels enhance the comfort, safety and fuel efficiency of your ride. That is why we always help you pick the right tires for your vehicle and set them up professionally. Contact us to know more.

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