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Auto Safety Inspections

Are you looking for reliable professionals to inspect the safety standard of your car? Well, we have got you covered. Trinity Auto & Tire Centre has been offering affordable and efficient care safety inspections to the local communities for years. We can help you know the status of your vehicle quickly and appropriately. Our inspections are timely, high-quality and cost-effective. In addition to that, we offer exceptional customer service and are always ready to go beyond and above to meet your needs. So, to experience the most convenient, quick and comprehensive auto safety inspection, contact us today!

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Your One-Stop Inspection Centre

Our inspection agents work hard to provide you with a seamless car safety inspection. When you bring your into our shop, we will take it in and we will be done before you know it. We follow the best inspection methods used in the industry to assess whether your vehicle is good to ride on or not. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Upfront quotes
  • Quick and Thorough Inspections
  • Industry-Leading Testing Methods

Accredited Vehicle Inspection Agents

We adhere to all the regulated safety standards checklist, determined by the government to make sure your car ticks all the boxes. We will be sure to conduct a complete inspection and be fully transparent with you regarding the health of your car. If your car ever does not meet the government standards, you can trust us to let you know without any hesitations. And you can also trust us to help you pick the best solutions for the issues your vehicle is facing.

Regardless of the model or age of your car, whether it is a used vehicle or a foreign one, we have the best and most skilled team in the town to perform an official assessment, quickly and efficiently. Contact us to know more about our services now!

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Experience The Quickest Car Safety Inspection

When you need fast, affordable and reliable car safety inspection services in the area, look no further than Trinity Auto And Tire Centre. We are an auto shop that is certified and licensed to conduct safety checks on vehicles. Plus, we offer some of the best prices in the nearby area.


Safety Certifications

Our safety certifications will help you know the health status of your vehicle as well as assist you when you transfer your used car to a new owner or register your vehicle for UBER or LYFT.


Complete Checkups

We will run a thorough checkup on your vehicle when you walk into our store. We have years of experience and all the tools needed to diagnose and repair your car in case it has any faults.


Trusted Vehicle Check-Up Experts 

Trinity Auto And Tire Centre offers the best quality vehicle detailing, safety checkups and certification services at the most affordable rates. Our services come with guaranteed customer satisfaction and the most competitive rates in town. We strive to never cut quality on corners no matter how challenging the tasks are. So, whether you are only looking forward to diagnosing your vehicle or to get fixes for them too, you can contact us with full confidence. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance that involves much more than oil lube services. Our trained technicians can work on all makes and models. You can also contact us for free engine diagnostics for all our customers.

With our computerized engine analysis, we can easily identify the needs of your vehicles with no room for errors. If you want to know more about us or our services, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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